FBI vs Apple

search on the Internet for the information an see if you can plug the pertinent information into he following components and also reach your own conclusion.
(1) Identification of Pertinent Fact (Fact), (2) Formulation of Key Issues (Issues), (3) List of underlying rule or law (Rule), (4) Analysis of the Facts with the law to Answer the Issue Statement (Analysis), (5) Reach of Conclusions (Conclusion)
Hints: 1. Is FBI a state actor? Can a state actor compel a publicly listed company to do certain things? Under Federal law or state law? etc.
2. Standards of Review. Whenever an issue touches a fundamental right protected under the Constitution, the court system will apply the standard of strict scrutiny, i.e. a state actor has the burden of proof in the legal process at all levels of our court system. In most cases, the state actor will not prevail because of this high “hurdle — a guarding device to our fundamental rights




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