Fetal periods of prenatal development.

  1. List three developmental characteristics or events from each of the germinal, embryonic, and fetal periods of prenatal development.
  2. Describe three layers of cells that develop at the beginning of the embryonic period.
  3. Define a teratogen, and identify at least three teratogens.
  4. What are three factors that affect the influence of a teratogen.
  5. List three parental factors that can influence prenatal development.
  6. List and describe the three main stages of birth.
  7. Define low-birth weight, preterm, and small-for-date infants.
  8. What are some possible outcomes for low-birth-weight infants?
  9. What does the apgar measure in the newborn?
  10. Discuss three aspects of mother/newborn bonding.

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