Choose a work of prose fiction, either a short story we read in the fiction section of our anthology, or a novel
you discuss with me before the first submission is due. Then, find at least three scholarly print sources that
address the work you have chosen to study, or that discuss other works the author has written. After reading
these sources, determine the “typical ways” that your chosen work has been read by scholars. From there,
construct an argument in which you either 1) disagree in a cohesive way with what scholars have said about
the work in question, or 2) determine what still needs to be said about the work in question, and argue that
point. Be sure to explain to your reader what, or whom, you are arguing against by clearly stating where other
scholars’ approaches fail or do not go far enough. However, the focus should always be on your argument:
avoid spending too much space summarizing others’ views.

Sample Solution