Field experience
What is the topic of the lesson? How does Ms. Chandler introduce this unit? What activities does she plan for the students to help with the introduction? What does Ms. Chandler do to make the unit interesting and relevant to students’ lives? Notice the essential questions she’s listed. How do these questions relate to the lesson’s objectives?
Ms. Chandlers takes time to discuss different kinds of scars with students. This is called “building background”, why is it important to build background about scars? Now think and discuss in detail, Is it essential to build background on all lessons or units, why or why not?
Take time to study and watch the unit below:
Designing a Garden Bench
Grade 2
(75 minutes of classroom observation)
Read the Unit Plan under the heading: Available Materials. Identify and list the broad categories of the unit. Describe the sequence of this unit from beginning to end. Do you see yourself using a lesson plan template similar to this one? Explain.
In chapter 1 we learn that teachers experience the love for teaching and identify extrinsic and intrinsic rewards with this occupation. List the extrinsic and intrinsic rewards you can associate with Ms, Bryant. Do you relate to any of these rewards you listed? Which of those rewards are some you think you’ll experience when you become a teacher?
In chapter 2 we learn there are four basic purposes of school. Having learned about this unit with Ms. Bryant, which school purpose (or purposes) do you think is the one represented here? Justify your answer.
In chapter 3 we learn about multiple intelligences (see page 67). Identify and discuss the different intelligences addressed in this unit. Visualize your classroom where you’ll be teaching, how will you address your students’ different intelligences and learning styles? Are you committed to appealing to different learning styles?Do you think this will be a challenge? How so?
In chapter 5 we learn about the curriculum in schools. Identify and explain which specific subjects are taught in Ms. Bryant’s unit. Is each subject taught in isolation or do you think this is an example of interdisciplinary curriculum? Explain your answer. In your opinion, which method is most effective with students, subjects taught in isolation or interdisciplinary curriculum? Explain.

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