Field visit

Visit the waiting room of a social service or nonprofit human service agency. Observe carefully, and then Write a paper summarizing your observations and analysis of the type of service being delivered. How might it feel to be a person seeking help from that agency? Notice how the receptionists and workers treat the clients, the appearance of the clients, how they respond to each other and the staff. Notice the physical condition of the office and the message that this sends to the clients. Is the office accessible by public transportation, is there sufficient parking are there toys/activities and space for
the children? Are resource materials for other agencies and organizations displayed? Interview a case manager at the agency. What is his/her daily work like? Ask four questions about the case management process. What would this case manager like to see improved or changed? Write your findings in a report and be prepared to present your report in class. Each person will have
about 5 to 7 minutes for their presentation.

Sample Solution