Film analysis

For this activity, I would like for you to watch a film trailer online. This can be a film that is out already or one that is coming soon. I recommend finding one that is a movie you are excited about or one in a genre that is big for you (if you are a superhero fan, comedy fan, horror movie buff, etc). As you watch the trailer, take detailed notes and answer the following questions. You can review our rhetoric chapters if you need help.

  1. How would you describe the audience for this film and/or film trailer? Try to be somewhat specific.
  2. What is the ultimate purpose of the film trailer? What are other possible purposes?
  3. How does the film trailer establish ethos?
  4. How does the film trailer utilize logos?
  5. Pathos is likely the most prominent of the rhetorical appeals in the film trailer. What emotion is the trailer most strongly trying to evoke?
  6. Identify three to five devices the trailer uses to elevate pathos. You can always check out this piece on film trailers to help:

Sample Solution