Film Analysis

Select from one of the following contemporary films for the film analysis:

1      The Duchess

2      Braveheart

3      Mr. Holland’s Opus

4      What Women Want

5      Sex and the City 1

6      Pride and Prejudice

7      Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

8      Sound of Music

9      The Secret Garden

10    First Knight

11    Footloose

12    Colombiana

13    Avatar

14    The Proposal

15    Hitch

16    Sense and Sensibility

17    Artificial Intelligence

18    The Breakfast Club

19    The Devil Wears Prada

20    The Blindside

21    Nanny McPhee

22    Gran Torino

23    Sleeping with the Enemy

24    27 Dresses

25    Good Will Hunting

26    Four Feathers

27    Juno

28    Steel Magnolias

29    The Color Purple

30    Crash


Each of these films demonstrates one or more of the major concepts discussed in this unit, including the source and role of conflict in the human quest for meaningful interpersonal relationships. If you have seen one or more of these films, you are encouraged to choose one you have already seen because communication concepts demonstrated in each film are often easier to see after multiple viewings of a film.






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