Film critical review research

  1. Watch a movie “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” 2. figure characters and story-line.
    HERE IS MY PROFESSOR’S GUIDELINE : Use a double entry log to keep track of the story-line and to profile each of the leading stars and secondary characters. Observe the many special features of drama and think about how they influence the film. Write a critical review of the film. You will do research on the leading stars and their role in this film, and recommend it for the most appropriate audience, saying WHY it fits that particular Audience. + Share research, including published critical reviews. Create a well-rounded film review, USING YOUR OWN OPINIONS, Plus the published critical reviews.
    P.S My professor really like me to put some biographical information in the review, Like historical background or what Indian cultural differences may cause conflict to these characters. STORY-LINE+ CHARACTERS + BIO INFO + CRITICAL YOUR OPINION.

Sample Solution