Film; The Cuckoo’s Nest

Part One:
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Discuss some of the acting tools and actor/character elements used by one or more of the actors in your film, referring to terms discussed in lectures. This means you must focus on the acting in the film, not the themes of the film or the structure of the story. You should be as specific as possible when detailing the acting.

Address at least five of the following in your analysis: discovery in the moment, character objective/obstacle/action (these count together as one topic), unfocused objectives vs. focused objectives, beats, sending and receiving, the arc of a scene, time, space, juxtaposition, montage, blocking, choreography, character subtext, performance within a performance, exposition (or expository scenes), imaging, internal imaging, the introduction of a character, entrances/exits, doors/windows/frames and character, private moments, relationship construction, ongoing physical activity, physical character work, extreme physical conditions, subjective vs. objective relationships, given circumstances, status, endowing props, straight men/women, foil characters, center of pain, off-screen character development, painting a picture, emotional life, commentator characters, realization, two-dimensional/three-dimensional characters, and so on. Even though many of these terms are used to describe cinema in many facets, you must discuss the ways they are related to acting and performance.

Part Two:

Compare and contrast the performance(s) you analyze in Part One with the performance(s) from one of the films that were assigned for the midterm (Casablanca). In which ways are they similar and/or in which ways do they differ? Use at least two points from the list above. The points DO NOT need to be the same points you made in your midterm. You may even discuss another film from the midterm assignment than the one you originally wrote about. *Be specific in your observations and opinions. Support your points with examples. Demonstrate how the qualities of the terms in the list above interrelate, i.e., How does an objective play in an expository scene or how does an action work with a discovery in the moment, how does a center of pain become an obstacle and how is it performed, etc. The paper is to be 3-4 pages in length in total, double-spaced with standard one-inch margins using 12 pt Times New Roman font on

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