Please pick ONE question and answer EVERY part of the question in a 2-3 page essay. As always please include a works cited page.

1). Miss Representation (2011) makes the case of how media shapes public opinion. Please discuss Lindner and Schulting’s discussion of how film’s with female protagonists fare with the public and integrate hooks discussion of what is missing in most feminist discussions.

2). Pick a feminisms lens (liberal, radical, cultural materialist, or another of your choice) and describe one of the female characters’ in Madeline’s Madeline (2018) directed by Josephine Decker through this lens. Use at least three examples from the film to illustrate your points. Incorporate Ehrlich’s article in your analysis.

3). Similar to Moonlight (2016) directed by Barry Jenkins, Girlhood (2014) directed by Céline Sciamma utilizes music in a unique way in her film. Eighth Grade (2018) directed by Bo Burnham also utilizes music to push the story further. How does the use of music differ in Girlhood and Eighth Grade? How is it the same?

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