Write a blog ( of about 250-300 words that target a general audience who don’t necessarily know much about finance, but who are very much interested.
Start with reading the following article: Find at least two other, similar articles on this topic and read them also. Specify your sources at the bottom of your blog post.
explain what happened in the stock markets over the last week or so (around October 10, 2018) tell them what you think the two most important causes were a comment on what might happen over the next several
month’s advice on whether investors should change their equity investments: should they sell? buy? hold? You can spend about a third of your blog on each point. Please do not quote directly from the reading
materials. Write, in your own words, based on your understanding of the reading and class discussion. Avoid the details and focus on the more important points of the market slide. Remember, your audience will not have too much time. Use appropriate language.




Sample Solution