Finance and Strategic Management


Finance and Strategic Management
You are requested to prepare a report for a public company. You should approach this case from a director’s point of view upon issues related with financial and strategic management.
For this assignment you are requested to use information upon your discretion regarding the overall interim appearance of a public company. The target company is “Kerry Group”.
Information regarding the overall interim performance of the target company can be found through the pdf document “KERRY 2016 Interim Management Report”. Please access the file titled “KERRY 2016 Interim Management Report” to find the necessary information needed for your report preparation.
You are challenged to search and find information regarding any issues you may consider appropriate. Use and incorporate within your report any research material that is relevant and appropriate either from financial or strategic management aspect.
Important is to use information that relates to the overall interim performance of the target company. Detailed information upon your research issues should be disclosed as report appendices.
The assignment is evaluated in the aspect of
I. context relevance to the assignment case given
II. key issues identification based upon assignment requirements
III. disclosure introduced in appendices for any research material gathered regarding the assignment case given
IV. use and apply proper formulas or concepts or methodologies relevant your case approach
V. consistent information to the assignment case given
VI. proper referencing and plagiarism avoidance
VII. report writing skills upon case approach
 keep it simple
 use active voice; writing moves smoothly and uses fewer words than passive voice  good grammar and punctuation
VIII. report techniques used;
 Introduction that gives brief explanation upon report structure and justifies the chosen methodology and approach used
 Body that provides detailed information relevant to the assignment case requirements
 Conclusion upon your approach to assignment case requirements
 Provide and explain any recommendations based upon your approach to assignment requirements
 Give any necessary detailed information in appendices
 Cite properly the sources used
Important Issues
Assignment report should be about 3000 words; 10% rule (+) or (- ) applies .
Read carefully the Assignment Brief Guidelines.
Study the Topic covered document prior to the Assignment
Read carefully the Assignment case given.
Gather any material given or research further information needed for the Assignment case

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