Finance Question

Q1. ABC company is issuing eight-year bonds with a coupon rate of 6.5 percent and semiannual coupon payments. If the current market rate for similar bonds is 8 percent, what will be the bond price? If the company wants to raise $1.25 million, how many bonds does the firm have to sell?

Q2. You are interested in purchasing the common stock of Inch, Inc., which is currently priced at $ 40. The company is expected to pay a dividend of $3 next year and to grow at a constant rate of 8 percent.

What should the market value of the stock be if the required rate of return is 15.75 percent?
Is this a good buy? Why or why not?
Q3. Raneem owns shares in HP Inc. Currently, the market price of the stock is $36.34. Management expects dividends to grow at a constant rate of 6 percent for the foreseeable future. Its last dividend was $3.25. Raneem’s required rate of return for such stocks is 16 percent. She wants to find out whether she should sell his shares or add to her holdings.

What is the value of this stock?
Based on your answer above, should Raneem buy additional shares in Honda Inc.? Why or why not?

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