Carefully read the Amazon (“AMZN”) analyst report issued by SunTrust Robinson Humphrey and write a report critically assessing its strengths and weaknesses. Specifically, critically evaluate the report on the following dimensions that we discussed in class:
1. Industry and Firm Strategy Analysis
2. Profitability Analysis
3. Cash Flow Analysis
4. Forecasted Financial Statements
5. Valuation
6. Analyst Recommendation
If you find the report lacking in a particular area;
specify how you would address the weakness and provide the necessary analysis.
For example, if you find the report is weak on profitability analysis then carry out an analysis of your own.
Similarly, if there is some aspect of the projected financial statements that is incorrect, provide a detailed description of how would do it differently. At the same time highlight areas in the report that are particularly strong and the reasons for your opinion.
Provide detail and depth in your analysis.


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