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Think about an event in your novel that was filled with suspense or tension. Select one your novel who participated in or observed this particular event. Assume the persona of this character and retell this event from the character’s point of view. (If your novel is told from the first person don’t use the narrator’s identity for this assignment. Instead, retell the event form the point of vv. in, the other characters.) Here are some tips to help you with this assignment:. Briefly describe the event and the approximate location in your novel (for example. ‘Near the end of the chapter: . Select a character that participated in or witnessed this suspenseful event. . Retell the event from this character’s perspective. For example, if you pretend you’re tear* how the antagonist would think and feel about this event. Use the first person point of view in your retelling. (Pretend that you’re the character. and le her own words. Do not choose to be the narrator if your novel is told in the first person point of view .Include specific details from the novel. If you wish, you may also include some e the dialogue r Keep in mind that you’re retelling only one event, not the complete plot of the novel.




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