Taking Birmingham International Airport (BHX) as your example airport, produce an airport response folder for use by a fire and rescue service. This folder will detail the following:
1. An explanation of the risk categorisation of airfields and the categorisation(s) of BHX;
2. Details of the assets and capabilities of the ARRFS at BHX;
3. Details of the response of the ARRFS and WMFS to a major aircraft incident on the airport and off the airport; and
Provide an outline of operational tactics for a) an engine fire, b) wheel fire and c) fuselage fire in an Airbus A320 which will assist LAFRS firefighters to identify their potential role in such an incident

Use of Illustrations and diagrams
Demonstration of a depth of research using a wide range of contextual material including :
Airport Categorisation
Details of BHX ARRFS capabilities
Response arrangements for BHX; and
Firefighting tactics for the three types of fire

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