First new deal

1. Discuss the First New Deal. What measures did President Roosevelt and Congress take to help the banking system recover as well as to reform how it operated in the long run?
2. Discuss some of the programs created under the New Deal and their purposes. Explain how New Deal Programs contributed to the creation of the welfare state. Discuss the Second New Deal.
3. How did the entrenched power of southern white conservatism limit African American’s ability to enjoy the full benefits of the New Deal and eliminate racial violence and discrimination? Why did African Americans still support the Democratic Party?
4. Why did most Americans support isolationism in the 1930s? What factors after 1939 led to U.S. involvement in World War II?
5. How did WWII alter the lives of women on the home-front? How did a war fought to bring “essential human freedoms” to the world fail to protect the home-front liberties of Blacks, Native Americans, Japanese-Americans, and Mexican Americans?
6. Explain how WWII promoted an awareness of the links between racism in the U.S. and colonialism around the world. What was the impact of the GI Bill of Rights on American society, including minorities?
7. Explain the Cold War. What major ideological conflicts, security interests, and events bought about the Cold War? please use the textbook give me liberty by foner.



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