Flow Chart for Airport’s Check-in Process

Fig 1: Airport AS-IS flow chart

Executive Summary
The flow chart illustrates the process of checking in passengers for Frontier Airlines. The process requires passengers to undertake a 24 hour-check-in process. During this period, they cannot undertake certain activities such as change seats, pay fees or check-in luggage. The passengers should then continue with the luggage check-in process and identity check on the day of travel. The process of bag check includes inspection for prohibited items and weight restrictions. In the final stage, they receive their boarding pass and head to the screening process.
One of the main challenges with this process is a prolonged wait time for some passengers. The passengers who check-in prior 24 hours before the check-in time have to wait for additional time and this can be frustrating (Adacher & Flamini, 2021). The length of the wait time is one of the major considerations for most customers as they select an airline. In some cases, people who travel for business and have no luggage are forced to go through the same check-in process or wait in line for any flight questions. Typically, it is impossible to understand the mindset of a passenger. The presence of additional unnecessary processes may make some passengers miss their flights (Adacher & Flamini, 2021). Frontier Airlines need to improve its systems to make it easier for their customers to get to the gate quickly and reduce the length of their wait. Such measures can allow customers to make wait within the airport where they can access essential services such as lounges and restaurants, and this leads to a better customer experience.
Frontier Airlines can improve customer experience through the inclusion of kiosk systems to reduce wait times and allow their clients to handle the whole process in one experience. The kiosks can undertake several activities such as check-in the passenger, allow them to make any necessary changes, check luggage and print boarding passes and bag tags (Adacher & Flamini, 2021). The addition of extra kiosks can reduce the wait times and help flight attendants to know the number of passengers before the flight departs.
Additional kiosks can offer several benefits in the future and can help improve the company. the elimination of wait times through the introduction of self-service can increase the revenue of the company throughout the process. The only mandatory check-in should be checking in 24 hours in advance. They should be allowed to walk into the screening process with a mailed boarding pass. They should also be able to access a checking agent and continue with the check-in process immediately (Choi, 2021). Customers should not be forced to go through extra wait time.
The implementation of the kiosk system will improve the environment within the airport. It will be helpful to the passengers since it reduces wait time and lowers the chances of missing a flight. It also makes waiting at the airport comfortable because passengers are allowed to wait in lounges and restaurants. It can also attract more customers increasing profits for the airline.

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