Genograms are a popular and universally applied technique for assessment with individuals, couples or families. The interpersonal relationships that make up family life are a complex web between many individuals spanning several generations at one time. This web is further complicated by the influence of other factors such as culture and gender. It can be a daunting task for a social worker to unravel this tangle and understand the specific dynamics and individual development within the family.
Focused Genogram: SWI will complete a focused genogram on a client that they are working with in their field practicum. A focused genogram traces a particular issue or concern in an individual’s life through generations to identify patterns of negative or positive behaviors that affect their lives. You will need to trace at least three generations to receive full points on this assignment. You must use (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. for this assignment. If you have a Macintosh computer, genopro will not work and you may use SmartDraw software (which is free) or you may create one in Microsoft Word, but you must make sure that you identify the One issue of concern and how it is represented across three generations of the client and family in the focused genogram in order to receive full points. The genopro software is free for 15 days on the website that allows you to create a genogram in a professional template. You must also include a legend and title of the genogram. You must copy and paste the focused genogram, legend and title into a Microsoft Word document.

Along with the focused genogram, you must write a 3-page paper using the following headings:

1. Issue of concern: explaining what specific issue you are focusing on, and how you have identified generational patterns.
2. Patterns of Behavior: What do these patterns of behavior identify about this client/family? How are these patterns of behavior impacting the client? How are they impacting the family? Why do we as professional, need to know about intergenerational patterns?
3. Use of Focused Genogram as an assessment tool: How was it helpful in this client case that you used? Include how you feel this might be a helpful tool for use in professional practice with the client of choice.

The issue of concern that I would like you to use is alcoholism.

I have uploaded another file that has an example of a genogram. In this example there are a few generations where both alcoholism and depression are present in this family. These patterns of behavior have been passed down through the generations.

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