Focusing on an object

The focus is to describe, analyze, and conclude on the design of the object. “why/what does it look like that?”

The following requires are included:

  1. Identify and vividly describe the object that is the focus.
  2. Identify and briefly discuss the designer of the object – consider including information that is relevant to the design of the object.
    3.Clearly discuss the socio-historical context and its impact on the object. Here it is very important to make the connection between the object and how it is a visual document of the time. Think about what was happening within the ten years of the creation of your object. HOW did the events affect the designer and the design of the object?
  3. Discuss any innovations / technological advancements used to design the object.
  4. Analyze FOUR elements and / or principles of design. Using the “Elements/Design” PDF below that provided to describe.

Sample Solution