Food Inspection

Imagine that you are the operator of a food service establishment in your area. One afternoon, a federal health inspector visits your restaurant unannounced, and informs you that she will be conducting a full inspection of your facility and employees for compliance with all federal food safety laws.
Your task in this week’s Individual Project is to write a properly-formatted APA paper on the following:
Describe the types of things that the health inspector is likely to check at your restaurant. For example, your paper might include a discussion of the following (this is not an exhaustive list, but rather just a few suggestions): Food product source Proper labeling (e.g., ingredients) Dates (e.g., “sale by,” “use by”) Temperatures (e.g., storage, preparation, holding, service) Facility hygiene (e.g., floors, kitchen, vent hoods, stewarding areas, restrooms) Employee hygiene (e.g., grooming, safety equipment, proper training evidence) When describing the things at which the inspector will probably be looking, be sure to discuss what she should expect to see (i.e., what the law requires with respect to each criterion). So, for example, if you list that the inspector will be checking food temperatures at different stages in the production process, be sure to articulate what temperature ranges the law deems acceptable. Finally, briefly discuss which areas of a typical food service health inspection restaurants must commonly fail, and why (i.e., what are the most common areas of violation). How can these failures be prevented?

Sample Solution