Forecast sales

1 & 2. Identify three projects in order of priority. Justify the order. Brief description of each project.

The first project I discussed is to forecast sales during different holidays and decide which departments may need to increase their stock in order to meet the demand. This would rely solely on sales history of different products. Then, if the items are not already sorted by department, they would be categorized using generic department information. Another project was to determine factors that contribute to employee retention and the correlation between when and why they choose to leave a company. This would use historical data as well to identify if employees leave at a higher rate during certain times of the year, how long employees tend to stay in different departments, and would also evaluate surveys completed upon exit. Lastly, another project idea was to explore the stock market and predict what it will do in the next 6 months, year, and so forth. This would use market history to see if there are trends during certain times of the year and what happens when big events such as COVID take place.

Sample Solution