Foundations in Special Education

Provide an overview of the key historical foundations, major contributors, major legislation, and current issues related to knowledge and practice in the field of special education both in school and society. FSAC 1, FEAP 1,INTASC 4
Discussion: Topics should include the following six aspects:
federal legislation (e.g., IDEA, ADA)
definition and issues related to the identification of individuals with exceptional learning needs
cultural aspects of special education and factors that influence over-representation of cultural diverse students
the impact of exceptionalities on families, and the role of families in the educational process CEC Standard 6 Professional Learning and Ethical Practice)CEC Standard 1, Learner Development and Individual Learning Differences, CEC Standard 5, Instructional Planning and Strategies
Conclusion and reflections: provide a summary of the topics discussed and highlight those points that impact the field of special education. (CEC Standard 6 Professional Learning and Ethical Practice
Be sure to review the scoring rubric in the syllabus.

Sample Solution