Framework for Data Management and Governance Plan (DMGP)

Write a 3-4 page recommendation that describes and justifies a proposed data maintenance and governance plan (DMGP) framework. Include a diagram that visually represents the proposed framework.Data management is the management of data and its resources. It consists of developing and executing the policies, practices, and procedures to guide the proper management of data throughout an organization. One of the first challenges in managing data is identifying the organization’s core business processes and their relationship to data users, sources, and systems. As technology and health information systems become more sophisticated, challenges for effective data management increase. Data has become so critical to organizational business models that it is often considered an enterprise asset. Enterprise data management (EDM) is the ability to effectively process, integrate, and store data for the entire organization and its systems—or enterprise. In health care organizations, EDM consists of the accurate and timely transmission of different data sets to carry out business processes and clinical care.Data governance, the overall management of data integrity, security, and availability, also recognizes data as an asset. Data governance provides oversight for enterprise data management. It ensures all of the following best practices are in place: data control, data quality, authority, and decision making. In other words, enterprise data management resides within the data governance realm.Creating a framework or structure for data governance is critical to understanding how an organization manages data and to establishing enterprise information management strategies. The framework is also key to effective governance and oversight of the data, including addressing privacy and security concerns. A data governance framework needs to provide the structures and resources necessary to mitigate data management issues. For this assessment, you will assume the role of the Privacy and Security Manager for Independence Medical Center, part of the Vila Health System. The Chief Information Officer (CIO) is keenly aware of the increase in the volume of data coming into the organization and has asked you to develop a data management and governance plan.
By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the course competencies through the following assessment scoring guide criteria:
Competency 1: Manage data from multiple sources.
Describe enterprise information management.
Distinguish data management from data governance.
Competency 2: Recommend data integration strategy for multiple sources and data governance.
Explain a data governance plan’s importance.
Outline a data management and governance plan’s (DMGP) structure.
Create a diagram that illustrates a DMGP’s framework and associated data sources.

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