Freedom And Confinement

• Which thematic chapter have you chosen?
I have chosen the freedom and confinement as the chapter I have chosen.
• Which of the three argumentative approaches have you chosen?
I have chosen the argument that used a literary work or works to examine a social issue.
• What is your working claim or thesis?
The working thesis that I’m going by at the current moment is how freedom and confinement relate to the short stories and poems as well as in today’s world.
• What are you sub claims or main points?
The main points will have to be knowing how to keep within your boundaries as well with the power and right to act without any restrictions.
• With which works, and which critical sources will you support those sub claims? (Feel free to list the sources you’ve decided to use if you are this far in the process already.)
I’ll be working on the story of an hour, the lottery. and the error of trying to measure good and bad.
• How do you feel about your progress? What do you know you still need to accomplish?
I feel my progress at the current moment is slow for this paper. I’m having trouble understanding so ill must go back and re read the instructions and continue to skim through the chapter.
• Finally, do you have any questions I could help answer?
• As I stated in my previous response, I’m having difficulties understanding the full assignment. Should I go back and continue to re-read or are there any tips or advice you can give me that will help me understand more.





































































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