From Gorbachev to Putin: Contemporary Russian Culture

1. Why are/ were Russians protesting the transferal of St. Isaak’s Cathedral in St.Petersburg to Russian Orthodox Church?
2. “He is Not Dimon to You” video -what are its origins and implications for today’s Russia; who are the people behind the video?
3. What’s up with LinkedIn in Russia? What other social media platforms exist in Russia? What are the governmental policies in their regard?
4. European University in St.Petersburg: what problems is/wasthis school facing?
5. Why are people protesting renovation projects in Moscow that include massive demolitions of old apartment buildings?
6. Who is Ruslan Sokolovsky and why is unsafe to play “Pokemon Go’ in an Orthodox Church?
7. Kirill Serebrennikov and “Gogol Center:” why was he arrested? What’s the status of his case now?
8. Telegram app –messenger of choice for ‘international terrorist organisations in Russia-? What are the reasons behind the ban?
9. Eurovision song contest: what happened with Russia’s entry in 2017 and 2018?






























































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