Functions of human resource management

  1. Review the functions of human resource management
  2. Determine which function is the most important function to an organization’s overall success.
  3. Explain your reasoning.” 345

Patient’s Scenario 
The patient is 59 years old African American male who was admitted to the long term due to declining in health. The patient is alert and verbally responsive. He was admitted with a diagnosis of Mood disorder, depression, and Bipolar disorder. Patient on the following medications: Risperidone 0.5mg 1 tab PO at bedtime. Depakote 250mg 3tabs PO at bedtime. The patient reported that he is feeling great today. The psychiatrist saw the patient in February, and no medication reduction was recommended. The patient was encouraged to not refused his medication and reported any unusual feelings.

Reflect on the client you selected for the Week 3 Practicum Assignment.

Sample Solution