Funding For Your Project

Recent initiatives within federal funding agencies, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
(CDC) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH), support increasing funding for participatory research
projects. However, finding community partners who understand the process of research can be challenging.
For this Assignment, you will examine some of the challenges involved in convincing potential funders to fund
your Final Project.
Submit a full 2 page paper that includes the following and number the responses (1, 2,3):

  1. An explanation of why your non-scientifically trained community collaborators are essential to the success
    and sustainability of your CBPR project
  2. A description of how you would engage your community partners in the grant-writing process (Hint: Review
    the Hoeft article.)
  3. An explanation of which elements in your proposed CBPR project would not be feasible or doable without
    the involvement of these stakeholders
  4. An explanation of why your proposed project (Attached- hexavalent chromium) is feasible and fundable
    An explanation of how you would convince the funding source why your proposed CBPR project—and its
    corresponding community-based partners—makes for sound, scientific research

Sample Solution