Funding Request

For this week’s assignment, you are going to request funding for a new project from the executive level of your
company. Feel free to be creative with this assignment, but remember your target audience and keep your
presentation professional. I would like a PowerPoint presentation describing what you need money for and why
(a new product line, upgraded computer system, new chairs for the office, etc.). Keep in mind that your
executives are concerned with the financial future of the company, you will need to explain how this
expenditure will benefit the company in the long run. Include a budget and a timeline. While the numbers are
fictitious, you need to provide valid justifications for your requests, so provide research that supports the idea.
The executives of every company have a duty to the stockholders/investors, so your justification will more than
likely be passed along in some way to the annual report. Keep this in mind when creating your presentation.
There is no minimum required slide count, the content on the slides is more important than the number of
slides. Include notes on each slide with a dialogue of what you would say if you were presenting. You could
also choose to dictate each slide if you prefer. This is essential to a complete proposal.

Sample Solution