The newly formed Future of Museums on Campus Task Force (FMCTF) has been asked to develop a report to be presented at a meeting to University and community stakeholders discussing the relevance and value of the University Campus Museums.
FMCTF acknowledges that this report comes at a time when many are questioning the relevancy of museums, especially as their struggle for resources and visitor attention becomes more and more competitive. The FMCTF also recognizes they are not experts in the field of museums, therefore they seek your guidance and expertise as student consultants.
Your Mission:

prepare a clear and concise report (2-3 pages, double-spaced, 12 pt font, your name and page number on every page) with a focus on “why museums matter” and build a rationale for why (or why not) the University should continue to support the campus museums and special collections.
address the following points:
• A brief description of what a museum is, its defining features, and how it operates;
• Specific examples of how campus museums and special collections work to serve the University and the surrounding community;
• Name one major issue (give a specific example) facing museums in the near future and describe your perspective on how the University should address the issue;
• If campus museums are allowed to continue, and a position/job was offered to you, what role would be the best fit for you? Select one of the roles/careers listed below and explain the main responsibilities of the position and why it appeals to you.
o Director/Administrator
o Curator/Exhibit Designer
o Collections Manager/Archivist
o Public Relations/Audience Engagement Specialist
o Other (job of your design) [I selected financial director, because my major is finance]



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