Gabler and Boorstin conversation

Gabler and Boorstin conversation. Due 11/25 and four to five pages should suffice. Apparently, Daniel Boorstin
gets around. But Boorstin’s chapter and Gabler’s article really do a long way in helping us understand celebrity
culture. Now, keep in mind that there perhaps a hundred other scholars that we could contend with but these
two articles will keep us busy for now. In this essay , place Boorstin’s “From Hero to Celebrity: the Human
Pseudo-Event” into conversation with Neil Gabler and his essay “Towards a New Definition of Celebrity.” And
that conversation should contain the following: First, how do these scholars conceptualize “celebrity”? That is,
how does each author define, describe and account for the idea of celebrity. Second, since two the authors use
Charles Lindbergh as a case study (of sorts) and one uses Madonna to provide for their understanding of
celebrity, explain how each author uses the events associated with their individual case study to highlight their
ideas of celebrity culture. Also compare how they use the Joseph Campbell idea of he Hero’s Journey to
buttress their ideas. Consider the following as well.

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