What do you know about gambling? Is gambling legal? What kinds of games do people play when they
gamble? Is it possible to win? Have you ever gone to a casino and gambled? What was it like? Do you know
anyone who gambles a lot?

  1. Section I (245-251): Why did Angie Bachmann start gambling? Why did she continue gambling? Section II
    (251-259): Why was Brian Thomas found not guilty of killing his wife? What are your reactions to the stories of
    these two people (Bachmann and Thomas)?
  2. Section III (259-267): What does research show about the brains of gambling addicts? Section IV (268-274):
    Why, according to the author, should Angie Bachmann be held responsible for her gambling losses? Section I
    (245-251): Angie Bachmann says that “I honestly believe anyone in my shoes would have done the same
    things” (251). Do you agree that anyone else would have done what Bachmann did: start gambling and keep
    gambling until she lost everything? Why or why not?
  3. Section II (251-259): Do you think that the same reasons Thomas was found not responsible for killing his
    wife can apply to Angie Bachmann not being responsible for her gambling debts? Why or why not? Section IV
    (268-274): Bachmann’s lawyer argued that Harrah’s casino had “preyed on someone they knew had no control
    over her habits” and, therefore, Bachmann “shouldn’t be held culpable because she had been reacting
    automatically to temptations that Harrah’s put in front of her.” Do you think that Harrah’s casino should take any
    responsibility for Bachmann’s losses?
    These questions refer to “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg

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