Write a scholarship essay which requires minimum 300 words.
Describe your career aspiration and personal attributes that would help you in achieving your ambitions. in a minimum of 300 words.
Copy and paste of essay is NOT allowed Applicants can save the incomplete essay at any one-time and log-in to complete it at a later time.

The extract of the requirements are:
1)A good command of English, leadership qualities, right values and character, drive and a commitment to excel.
2)Gained acceptance into any reputable institution (i.e. top universities in Malaysia/the world) at time of interview to pursue a full-time first degree programme
3)Must show proof of financial need
4)Willing to serve the Gamuda Group for a specified period upon graduation
Furthermore, update me on your work in 12 pm Singapore Time per day, and if you have any questions and additional info you may require.


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