Garment industry outsourcing

Discuss the difference between Positive and Natural Law, and the example of something as seemingly simple and common as a tee shirt, points to the complexities of our modem society and issues facing consumers. The issue was brought to the into focus with the collapse of a garment factory in Bangladesh in April of 2013.
Your assignment, loosely titled: “One Hundred Percent Cotton, Machine Wash, Tumble Dry” is to look at the issue of the garment industry’s outsourcing from the perspective of positive and natural law, using the Planet Money Program and three outside sources. Please present arguments on both sides of the issue, of whether the garment industry, in its outsourcing practices acts ethically. Your paper should be three to five pages double spaced, and please cite your sources in the body of your paper. As always, have fun and be creative. Must use this link as well as 3 other sources







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