Gathering Criminal Data

Read through the scenario and respond to the questions below.

Lisa is accused of luring a group of men into a park where they are attacked by a criminal street gang. She is also a gang member and this is part of her initiation. She had a very strict upbringing and was physically abused by her older brother and father growing up. At age 13, she befriended some gang members who let her hang around with them. She started skipping school and committing petty crimes such as theft and burglary. Her gang got into a fight with a rival gang and she was injured, requiring stitches and x-rays. A police report was filed, although no charges were brought against her.

Using the Criminal Data Guide document as a guide, respond to the following:

What pieces of information are important for you to gather specifically from the scenario above?
Thinking creatively, where would you gather the information to start work on your case in reference to the scenario above? You may use a bulleted list to demonstrate specific points you would need.

Sample Solution