Gender and development

Pick one from all of these essay title to write 1:What are the implications of black and postcolonial feminist critiques of ‘imperial feminism’ for feminist practice in the field of development? 2.Does the GAD approach represent an improvement on the WID approach to development theory and practice? 3.Can the lessons learned from WID and WAD offer any insights into current development approaches like EWAG and Smart economics? 4.Why is accounting for ‘social reproductive labour’ important for addressing concerns of gender-equitable development? 5.Why is girls’ education considered a ‘strategic development priority’ by the World Bank Group? 6.’Care provided by migrant workers from the Global South provides the basis for the prosperity of the Global North’. Critically evaluate this statement with reference to work on global care chains. 7.To what extent does an increase in women’s paid employment translate to an increase in women’s empowerment? 8.To what extent have international mechanisms such UN Resolution 1325 and others been useful to address gender concerns in conflict, peacebuilding and reconstruction? 9.Gender norms harm both men and women. Discuss in relation to situations of conflict and violence? 10.Can the concept of intersectionality (particularly in terms of race, sexuality, gender and ability) help us to understand conflict? 11.Are environmental challenges gendered? 12.’How can a -feminist political ecology” approach help us understand environmental change and degradation?’ 13.Critically assess the relationship between ‘women’s empowerment’ and gender equitable development agendas. 14.To what extent have nationalist movements responded to concerns of genderequality? Discuss with reference to one or more case studies. 15.Gender mainstreaming as an approach to institutional and policy change has led to adepoliticisation of the feminist agenda.’ Do you agree? 16.What can a masculinities perspective contribute to the study of gender and development? Why has its inclusion proven to be controversial?

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