Gender as history

Compose an essay of at least 2 full typed and double-spaced pages (you may write more if you wish to or need to) where you answer at least three (3) of the following questions. You may select the three (or more) you wish to answer. Please use the assigned course reading, Frost, Greek Society, as your exclusive source for this essay. Please, no other outside sources to be used.

1) According to the author, Frost, Defining the position of women in Greek history is a complex problem,” (93). Why might this be? Do you agree? What does the available evidence suggest? Were Greek women the same or different than other ancient women you’ve studied? How?

2) The author suggests that women in Greek history may have had many of the heroic virtues as men and who seemed to deal with men as equals, based on some of the writings. Who were some of these women and why might they be portrayed this way? Do you agree with the author? Why/Why not?

3) Athens has been remembered (and rightly so) as the founder of democracy. Yet the status of women in Athens seems to contradict our views of democracy. Why might this be? Please give examples. What
exceptions existed to this norm in ancient Athens? What about the experience of Spartan women? How does this compare to the Athenian experience?
4) According to the author, “Our impressions of middle-class women tend to derive from what might have been the wishful thinking of male spokesmen,” (100). Why might this be? What impressions have we been given? Do you agree? Why/why not?

5) What do the evidence and research about Greek homosexuality/bisexuality tell us with respect to why it was an acceptable practice? What were the limitations to these practices and why might they have existed?































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