Gender autobiography

What gender were you assigned at birth? Who decided? Based on what information did they make the decision? How did your parents feel about your sex/gender? What expectations did they have of you and your life based on what sex you were assigned at birth? One thing you could do is talk to (in person or over the phone) the people who were there when you were born and ask them about this.
The gender that I was assigned at birth is female. The person who decided was my doctor and he based that information on my lady part. My parents were happy about my gender because my mother wanted a daughter for a long time. I was the last born out of four. The expectations my parents had of me were to stay in school, marry a man who loves me and to follow my dreams.

How do you think your life would have been different if you had been born a different sex/gender?
If I were born a male, then probably my mother would not be so hard on me. I am the youngest out of four and the only female. My brothers growing up I would say had a lot of freedom as of me my mother had me on curfew and I could not go to parties. Growing up I seen a lot of differences between how my mom treated my brothers and how she treated me. I had to clean the dishes all the time, I had to clean,

What are the things you feel like you have to/must do because of your gender identity? What are you required to do? What are you not allowed to do? What parts of your gender identity do you like? What parts do you dislike and why? Are there things you wish you could do that you can’t/don’t do because of your gender?

Are there ways that you are gender-nonconforming and/or gender stereotypical? How? Why?

How are you treated because of your gender? What aspects of this treatment do you like/dislike?

What roles do you play in your life because of what your gender is?

Whose gender do you admire (this could be someone you know in your life or a famous person or a character — whatever) — why do you admire it?

How is your gender influenced by other aspects of your identity (e.g. your race, sexuality, age, culture, religion, ethnicity, etc)?

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