Gender discrimination

Apply the knowledge about conceptualization, operationalization, measurement, and sampling to examine a “fuzzy” sociological concept. Each of these concepts can be broken down into smaller aspects or dimensions to be studied. Select one of the following concepts to complete this activity.

Sociological concepts:

  • Housing insecurity/homelessness
  • Gender discrimination
  • Segregation
  • Stereotypes in media

Pick one concept and discuss the follow using PARAGRAPHS:

a. What would be some appropriate dimensions you could examine? Discuss at least 3 different dimensions. Of those 3, pick one and propose a research question that explores this dimension.

b. Using that dimension, propose some indicators you could use to measure this dimension. In other words, how would you measure this dimension to answer your research question?

c. Discuss the sampling of your study – how you would select your observations/data?

o What are your units of analysis?

o How many observations would you include?

o How would they be selected? What sampling method would you use and why? [If you select a non-probability sampling method, be specific about which one.] What would be the benefits and drawbacks for that specific sampling method?

Sample Solution