Gender Discrimination

Gender Discrimination Topics to discuss in this essay: •Types of Gender Discrimination A. Disparate Treatment B. Disparate Impact • Causes of Gender Discrimination •Effects of Gender Discrimination • Laws related to Gender Discrimination • The Repercussions of Gender Discrimination •Social Acceptance of Gender Discrimination (Discuss the Lori Lightfoot First black female gay mayor) •Conclusion Important Note: Please be sure that all of the following topics listed are discussed in this essay Length The minimum length is 8 FULL text pages, double-spaced. Margins One-inch margins are required on all four sides of the paper. Only put the title of your paper on the title page. Do not put it on page one. Font Size The size of the letters (font) is required to be standard size equivalent to 10 point. Authorized font type is Times New Roman. Quoting Sources Only include a total of three lines of quotes for the entire essay. All other use of other writer’s work must be paraphrased. Please use MLA formatting when citing all sources. Please use sources from Google Scholar (ONLY)

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