Gender equality essay

After you have read Chapter 11 in your text and your online lesson, you will need to watch the attached video clip: The clip contains Emma Watson’s speech to the U.N. Assembly in her position of U.N. Goodwill Ambassador. (if your browser cannot get this link to work, simply search Emma Watson’s U.N. speech at )

Once you have done the above, write a brief (1-2 pages) OPTIONAL reflection paper. In your paper include the following:

1)What is feminism?
2)Do you think Emma Watson was a good choice for U.N. Goodwill Ambassador on this issue?
3)What are some “take aways” from this speech: parts of the speech that made an impression on you are made you think about things in a different way, main ideas or points made, etc. ?
4)What is your overall impression of this speech and HeForShe? Is it positive or negative? Why?
5)Our society is currently faced with numerous issues and concerns in the area of gender, in addition to a concern about gender equality. What are some other “gender issues” in our society that merit sociological discussion?

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