Genetics in cancer

a. Describe the issue in the natural sciences that you have selected to investigate. Why is this issue significant? (You identified this issue in Theme
1, but how would you revise this piece now that you have received instructor feedback and investigated your sources?)
b. Describe at least three science resources that you could use to investigate the issue you selected. Your sources must be relevant to your issue
and must be of an academic nature appropriate for the issue. In your description, consider questions such as: What are the similarities and
differences in the content of your sources? What makes them appropriate and relevant for investigating your issue? What was your thought
process when you were searching for sources? How did you make choices?
c. Based on your review of science resources, develop a specific question related to the issue you selected. In other words, what would you like to
know more about?
II. Body: You should also receive instructor feedback about this section and continue to consider your evidence. For this second draft, review these sections
and make any necessary revisions or adjustments to the following elements:
a. Identify an audience that would be interested in your issue and the question you developed. For example, who would benefit most from hearing
your message, or who could best help in addressing the issue?
b. Describe how and why you can tailor your message to your audience, providing specific examples. For example, will your audience understand
scientific terminology and principles, or will you need to explain them? How will you communicate effectively with your audience?
c. Identify the natural science principle(s) that apply to your question and issue. For example, if your issue is global climate change, the principle
you might identify is that the sun is the primary source of energy for Earth’s climate system.
d. Explain how the principle(s) you identified apply to your issue and question. In other words, how are the natural science principle(s) you
identified relevant to your question and issue?

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