Choose one of the following videos to review and then provide me with a written summary of at least 5 key points from that video.
https://www https://www pFVF344 https://www https://www Choose two of the topics below to discuss as fully as possible (each of these should be a minimum of 10 sentences): 1. Y ou possess your own time machine and transport yourself back in time to the Precambrian Eon. Describe the changes you would find as you move from time in the Hadean to the Archean and then to the Proterozoic portion of the Precambrian. Discuss the state of the earth, the atmosphere, and dif ferent conditions you would face. 2. Discuss the Great Dying (Permian) extinction event fully . Cite evidence for this major extinction event and explain the most likely causes. 3. Y ou are maneuvering your swamp buggy through a Jurassic swamp in North America. Describe the climactic conditions, the plant and animal life forms you encounter during this drive, and the hazards you are facing. 4. Discuss the evolution of hominids, including in your discussion at least 2 of the significant fossils discoveries that have provided key information on this subject.

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