Geriatric Assessment Tools

Evaluate, Select, and Report on Geriatric Assessment Tools

Assignment Instruction and Rubric

A. Evaluate, Select, and Write a Report and Create-A-Tool report reflecting activities 1 through 4 below and submit by the assigned due date. June 26

  1. Problem (Symptom) to be assessed e.g. Depression, falls, or pain in older adults

• Background of problem – brief (what, who, why, where, how) of depression.

  1. Assessment tool recommended for the problem to be assessed in an older person

• Identify tool recommended in the EB article e.g. “Aged Persons Depression Scale”
• Is there another tool/s that can be used to assess this problem – Identify e.g. “Modified Depression Scale for Institutionalized Adults”


  1. Select the tool best suited for problem need and population – best of the two identified in #2.

• Background of selected tool from #2 e.g. My selection of best tool for depression assessment in older persons is the “Modified Depression Scale for Institutionalized Adults (MDSIA)”
• Define/describe selected tool

Sample Solution