Gideon v. Wainwright

Read Gideon v. Wainwright online You should NOT read the full online opinion, you should read the edited version provided online. Prepare a typed case brief utilizing the ‘Case Briefing Worksheet’ provided below. You may use the worksheet as a template (type directly into it) or copy the headings into your own Word document for submission.
I. Heading – identify the case by party names and citation (include the date).
II. Facts – include only those facts that are significant to the specific legal issue being decided by the court.
III. Procedural History – explain how the case made its way to the current level of review.
IV. Issue – the legal question the court is faced with answering that has been raised in the case.
V. Rule – what law (statutes, constitutional provisions, prior cases or administrative rules) did this court apply to
enable them to solve the legal question(s) raised in this case?
VI. Analysis – explain how the court applied the legal rule(s) to the facts in deciding the answer to the question
posed by the issue in this case.
VII. Conclusion – did the court affirm, reverse, remand? This should be a very short statement of the outcome.

Sample Solution