Use the readings and other course materials to write a 3-5 page (when typed and double-spaced with standard font and margins) essay in response to one of the following prompts. Your essay must be at least 3 full pages in length.

1. The economic changes of the late nineteenth century United States led to some very significant social changes for different groups of people. For example, the lives of many workers, women, farmers, African Americans and Native Americans all changed as a result of post-Civil War industrialization. Your task is to describe and analyze what you think are the most significant social changes to develop during this time period. You won’t be able to talk about everything / everyone; instead you will need to choose what changes you think were most significant and then justify your choices using HIST 202 course materials.


2. What were the most significant impacts, both positive and negative, of late nineteenth / early twentieth century American imperialist expansion and the Spanish American War for the United States? Describe and analyze what you think it meant for our country (the nation, economy, and/or ordinary people — Americans, Puerto Ricans and Filipinos, etc..) to first acquire Hawaii and then win the war against Spain (and annex more territories) and thus become an imperial power. Be sure to address the multiple perspectives of imperialists and/or anti-imperialists and justify your unique interpretation/answer, based on HIST 202 course materials.


3. What were some of the most significant successes and failures of early twentieth century Progressive reforms in the United States? In other words, what reforms did Progressives achieve/not achieve and in what ways did they succeed/fail to fully address the social divisions and deepening inequalities that plagued American society during this time period? Be sure to look at all sides and a variety of reform efforts, as they were presented in our readings and other HIST 202 course materials.


4. Propose your own prompt!?! If you choose this option, then it is essential that you submit a written prompt and get Alison’s approval in advance, otherwise your paper will not be accepted. Your prompt must address the time period and themes covered by weeks two – six and it must require you to analyze multiple perspectives and develop your own unique interpretation/written response (aka you will have to choose a particular focus and then defend your choice, using the evidence – HIST 202 texts & other materials.).
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