Global ageing

Write a 2500 word essay that answers ONE of the questions listed below.

Choose ONE of the following questions to answer and submit for your final assessment.
1. Social networks are concerned with the mesh of relationships within which an older person is located. Provide a critical analysis of the relevant research literature to outline the significance of social networks in the lives of older people? Recognition of social network analysis/theory would be appropriate.
2. Global ageing is here. Yet ageism is still embedded in every aspect of the experience of ageing. Discuss ageism in ONE of the following contexts and consider the implications of your findings:
o health care professionals and the delivery of care;
o the portrayal of older people in the media (eg newspapers and/or television etc) AND/OR the social media (eg facebook, twitter etc);
o in the everyday life of an older person
3. Discuss the ageing experience in relation to ONE of the following:

o gender (being male OR being female) OR gender differences;
o being an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander;
o living in a rural community.




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