Write a 5-6 page, APA-formatted report that explains the responses to a global event,
how issues of race, class, and gender may have affected the response, and the role of
international and altruistic organizations in providing health care services related to the
event- Describe barriers to receiving health care services related to the event, and
explain the role of the professional nurse in providing health care services related to
the global event-

What does it mean to be a global citizen?

What responsibility do health care professionals assume during times of global events,
by being global citizens?

Suppose that within your health care organization there is no formal process or
structure for health care professionals to volunteer time and services in times of global
need. You would like to develop a proposal for establishing a process that would allow
nurses and other health care professionals to secure time off to work with a specific
worldwide organization, to provide health care services during global events. As part of
the proposal, you would need to provide background research to support your request-
Conduct background research on either one of the following to support the proposal
you would develop:

Choose one worldwide epidemic, such as the 2009 flu pandemic, 2009 mumps
outbreak, 2012 Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus outbreak, the recent
Ebola virus epidemic, or another epidemic- Research articles that focus on how the
initial outbreak was handled; the role of social attitudes and issues of race, class, and
gender in responding to the outbreak; barriers to people receiving proper health care;
and the role of nursing in providing health care services related to the epidemic.
Choose one natural disaster, such as the earthquakes in Haiti, Pakistan, or Nepal;




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