Global Nursing Issues

People everywhere want to be healthy, happy, and safe. But the reality is that re-emerging diseases, limited access to health care, pandemics, terrorism, war, poverty, and natural disaster continue to threaten the lives and well being of people around the world. Differences in economics, cultures, political structures, and ethical standards often hinder the ability to provide even basic health care to populations at risk. Although the task of providing quality health care to all the citizens of the world may seem to be an unachievable dream, you can make a difference in their lives by advocating for the world’s underserved.
This week, you will examine factors that affect health care delivery in underdeveloped countries, and you will consider what nurses can do to make a difference.
Learning Objectives
Students will:
Analyze challenges related to the provision of health care in underdeveloped countries
Evaluate strategies for advocating for global health care
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Learning Resources
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