Globalisation and Emerging Market

2. Critically assess the various operational strategies used in markets that are in differing stages of economic development.
4. Discuss and justify relevant business strategies and activities within specified cross-cultural and international settings.

1. Assignment task

This assignment requires that you prepare a 10 – 15 minutes long original presentation answering the following task:

Choose a real company originating in one of the following transition countries /economies: Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia or Slovenia. The company is currently evaluating the opportunity for expanding into a developed country/economy where it is not yet currently present. You are expected present a comprehensive and well documented plan for its expansion. Your presentation should include the following:

A. Company analyses
1. A summary of the company’s products / services and brands;
2. An analysis of the company within the domestic market (you may use a SWOT matrix or choose a different model / matrix from the literature to enable you to provide an accurate description of internal and external challenges and opportunities that capture the company’s current situation in its domestic market);
3. A profile of the company’s consumers in its domestic market.

B. Global analyses
1. A brief presentation of at least two developed country markets where your company of choice will be successful upon expansion. This section should include a comparative analysis of the relevant social, economic, cultural, political and legal environments of the two countries. You may choose to focus on minimum three environments of relevance;
2. A clear justification for choosing one of these country markets for the expansion of your company of choice.

C. Entry strategy and marketing plan for your country of choice
1. A discussion about the market entry strategy that you recommend for adoption by the company, including justifying arguments;
2. A marketing plan explaining (1) the positioning that the company plans to achieve on the new market; (2) the strategies that the company will employ to achieve the desired positioning; (3) a justification of which elements of the marketing mix the company will adapt or standardized for the new market.






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